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Core Parts LLC is dedicated to being your preferred supplier of PT6 and JT15D engine parts.  Our diverse selection of PMA and OEM overhauled inventory helps ensure we have the parts you need, when you need them. 

Featured Parts

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Swivel Joint, Casing, Push-Pull, Front
P/N's: 3075595-01CP & 3023142CP

The Swivel Joint is a hollow tube and fitting assembly located near the upper front of the power section.  Flexible cables are pushed and pulled by the pilot, with the final cable passing through the subject Swivel Joint.

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Nut, Self-Locking, 12 Point
P/N: 3012414CP

The Self-Locking Nut is used in several external areas of the PT6 engine.  The Self-Locking Nut has a crimped upper lip giving it a self-locking capability.

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Washer, Key
P/N's: 3003417CP & 3024047CP

Both key washers, P/N’s 3003417CP and 3024047CP are a cup style washer that works co-dependently with a mating fastener to help secure it in place and prevent it from loosening.

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Ring, Sealing, Compressor Turbine Vane
P/N: 3123386-01CP

The CT Vane Sealing Ring functions as an air barrier between the high pressure cool compressor air and hot turbine air.  It seals the gap between the Shroud Housing and CT Stator Vane..

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Company news

New PMA Approvals

New PMA approvals:  PMA Supplement # 66 – Washer, Key P/N’s 3029484CP & 3115247-01CP (JT15D);  PMA Supplement # 67 – Parts Kit, Hot Section Inspection P/N’s 3039983CP & 3039986CP (JT15D) All of our PMA supplements can be found on our website.

New PMA’s in Stock

PT6: P/N’s 3102336-01CP & 3102336-02CP (Stubshafts) and ST6202-009 (Preformed Packing) JT15D: P/N’s 3017452CP (Igniter Gasket), 3029072CP (Lock Washer), 3031137CP (Retaining Plate), and ST3086-012, -128 & -129 (Preformed Packings).  All parts are in stock and ready for sale.  See PMA Supplements for details.

Certificated Repair Station

Core Parts was issued its Repair Station Certificate (1D2R884C) on August 12, 2019.  We currently perform component repairs on our own PT6 inventory.  Contact us for more information.

Company Expansion into Military Sales and Technical Support

Core Parts LLC has expanded its business to help support the U.S. Military.  In addition to the Mesa, Arizona site, an office in Plainfield, Indiana was opened to help support U.S. Military programs.  This division is responsible for providing aging aircraft support, alternate parts sourcing, parts repair development, and development of inspection equipment.  More details can be found under the military capabilities link on our website.’

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