Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)

Our mission is to become a premium supplier of quality parts and accessories that support the aviation aftermarket. We currently support the Pratt & Whitney PT6A and PT6T series engines with plans to expand into additional markets in the future. Our facility is located just off of Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona.

PMA Parts List

Part NumberDescriptionEngine ModelSupplement No.Download
3014660CPRing, Sealing, Power Output SectionPT61View & Download
3024992CPRing, Sealing, Power Output SectionPT61View & Download
3057818-01CPRing, Sealing, Power Output SectionPT61View & Download
3100236-01CPRing, Sealing, Power Output SectionPT61View & Download
3120085-01CPRing, Sealing, Power Output SectionPT61View & Download
3010607CPRing, Blade RetainingPT62View & Download
3111841-01CPRunner, Propeller Shaft Oil SealPT63View & Download
3075469-01CPRunner, Propeller Shaft Oil SealPT64View & Download
3114662-01CPRunner, Propeller Shaft Oil SealPT64View & Download
3114664-01CPRunner, Propeller Shaft Oil SealPT64View & Download
3023059CPWasher, Slotted, Power Turbine ShaftPT65View & Download
3029885CPNut, Plain, RoundPT65View & Download
3070389-01CPRing, Sealing, Compressor Turbine ShroudPT66View & Download
3070391-01CPRing, Sealing, Compressor Turbine VanePT66View & Download
3104402-01CPSeal, Air, Power Turbine StatorPT67View & Download
3104403-01CPSeal, Air, Power Turbine RotorPT67View & Download
3039465CL11CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 11PT68View & Download
3039465CL12CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 12PT68View & Download
3039465CL13CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 13PT68View & Download
3039465CL14CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 14PT68View & Download
3039465CL15CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 15PT68View & Download
3039465CL16CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 16PT68View & Download
3039465CL17CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 17PT68View & Download
3039465CL18CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 18PT68View & Download
3039465CL19CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 19PT68View & Download
3039465CL20CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 20PT68View & Download
3039465CL21CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 21PT68View & Download
3039465CL22CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 22PT68View & Download
3039465CL23CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 23PT68View & Download
3039465CL24CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 24PT68View & Download
3043003CL12CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 12PT68View & Download
3043003CL13CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 13PT68View & Download
3043003CL14CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 14PT68View & Download
3043003CL15CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 15PT68View & Download
3043003CL16CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 16PT68View & Download
3043003CL17CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 17PT68View & Download
3043003CL18CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 18PT68View & Download
3043003CL19CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 19PT68View & Download
3043003CL20CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 20PT68View & Download
3043003CL21CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 21PT68View & Download
3043003CL22CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 22PT68View & Download
3043003CL23CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 23PT68View & Download
3121626-01CPSeal, Ring, MetalPT69View & Download
3011429CPSeal, Air, Compressor Front StatorPT610View & Download
3031249CPSeal, Air, Compressor Front StatorPT610View & Download
3117607-01CPRing, Retaining, Vane RingPT611View & Download
3120116-01CPRing, Retaining, Vane RingPT611View & Download
3123386-01CPRing, Sealing, Compressor Turbine VanePT612View & Download
3023681CPRing, Clamping, Turbine VanePT613View & Download
3023682CPSeal, Air, Turbine Interstage StatorPT613View & Download
3023683CPSeal, Air, Turbine Interstage RotorPT613View & Download
3070392-01CPRing, Sealing, Compressor Turbine ShroudPT614View & Download
3070393-01CPRing, Sealing, Compressor Turbine ShroudPT614View & Download
3075036-01CPRing, Sealing, Turbine Exhaust DuctPT615View & Download
3119949-01CPWasher, KeyPT616View & Download
3013817CPBolt, Machine, HexPT617View & Download
3018503CL4CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class4PT618View & Download
3018503CL5CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class5PT618View & Download
3018503CL6CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class6PT618View & Download
3018503CL7CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class7PT618View & Download
3018503CL8CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class8PT618View & Download
3018503CL9CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class9PT618View & Download
3018503CL10CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class10PT618View & Download
3018503CL11CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class11PT618View & Download
3018503CL12CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class12PT618View & Download
3018503CL13CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class13PT618View & Download
3018503CL14CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class14PT618View & Download
3018503CL15CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class15PT618View & Download
3018503CL16CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class16PT618View & Download
3018503CL17CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class17PT618View & Download
3018503CL18CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class18PT618View & Download
3018503CL19CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class19PT618View & Download
3018503CL20CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class20PT618View & Download
3031670CL1CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 1PT618View & Download
3031670CL2CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 2PT618View & Download
3031670CL3CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 3PT618View & Download
3031670CL4CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 4PT618View & Download
3031670CL5CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 5PT618View & Download
3031670CL6CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 6PT618View & Download
3031670CL7CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 7PT618View & Download
3031670CL8CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 8PT618View & Download
3031670CL9CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 9PT618View & Download
3031670CL10CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 10PT618View & Download
3031670CL11CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 11PT618View & Download
3031670CL12CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 12PT618View & Download
3031670CL13CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 13PT618View & Download
3031670CL14CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 14PT618View & Download
3031670CL15CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 15PT618View & Download
3031670CL16CPShroud Segment, Compressor Turbine – Class 16PT618View & Download
3122871-01CPGear, Spur, Clutch DrivePT619View & Download
3115926-01CPWasher, Key, TriplePT620View & Download
3019371CPTie Rod, Compressor RotorPT621View & Download
3079066-01CPTie Rod, Compressor RotorPT621View & Download
3104405-01CPTie Rod, Compressor RotorPT621View & Download
3031377CPSeal Assembly, Air. Power Turbine StatorPT622View & Download
3112931-01CPSeal Assembly, Air. Power Turbine StatorPT622View & Download
3058971-01CPValve Assy, Oil Filter TubePT623View & Download
3115091-01CPBall, Plastic, 0.750PT623View & Download
3113510-01CPCover, Compressor, Air FilterPT624View & Download
3010231CPShroud, Power TurbinePT625View & Download
3029277CPParts Kit, Bearing, First Stage CarrierPT626View & Download
3029884CPBearing, Plain, FlangedPT626View & Download
3030046CPBearing, Plain, FlangedPT626View & Download
3011425CPSeal, Air, Compressor Rear RotorPT627View & Download
3012526CPLever, Propeller ReversingPT628View & Download
3044659-01CPLever, Propeller ReversingPT628View & Download
3044660-01CPLever, Propeller ReversingPT628View & Download
3018240CPRivet, Tubular, CountersunkPT629View & Download
3018344CPRivet, Tubular, CountersunkPT6 & JT15D29View & Download
3022066CPRivet, Tubular, CountersunkPT629View & Download
3029279CPRivet, Tubular, CountersunkPT629View & Download
3031096CPRivet, Tubular, CountersunkPT629View & Download
3031097CPRivet, Tubular, CountersunkPT629View & Download
3031098CPRivet, Tubular, CountersunkPT629View & Download
3112815-01CPRivet, Tubular, CountersunkPT629View & Download
3112815-02CPRivet, Tubular, CountersunkPT629View & Download
3019438CL1CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT630View & Download
3019438CL2CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT630View & Download
3019438CL3CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT630View & Download
3019438CL4CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT630View & Download
3019438CL5CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT630View & Download
3019438CL6CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT630View & Download
3019438CL7CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT630View & Download
3019438CL8CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT630View & Download
3019438CL9CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT630View & Download
3009022CPWasher, KeyPT631View & Download
3005305CPWasher, Key, Fuel NozzlePT632View & Download
3018173CPRing, Blade RetainingPT633View & Download
3024979CPRing, Sealing, Power Turbine Stator HousingPT634View & Download
3028222CPSeal, Air, Compressor Turbine StatorPT635View & Download
3059046-01CPLip, Seal, TeflonPT636View & Download
3113510-01CPCover, Compressor Air FilterPT636View & Download
3018176CPWasher, KeyPT637View & Download
3037347CL12CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL13CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL14CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL15CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL16CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL17CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL18CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL19CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL20CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL21CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL22CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3037347CL23CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbinePT637View & Download
3006718CPPacking Material, FiresealPT638View & Download
3039636CPGasket, Fuel NozzlePT639View & Download
3119854-01CPWasher, Key, Fuel NozzlePT639View & Download
3008806CPCover Assy, Main Pressure PumpPT640View & Download
3111764-01CPBolt, Turbine RetainingPT641View & Download
3015234CPNut, Self-Locking, ShankPT6 & JT15D42View & Download
3012414CPNut, Self-Locking, 12 PointPT6 & JT15D43View & Download
3012675CPNut, Self-Locking, HexPT6 & JT15D43View & Download
3024047CPWasher, KeyPT644View & Download
3028453CPWasher, KeyPT644View & Download
3107464-01CPWasher, KeyPT644View & Download
3003417CPWasher, KeyPT645View & Download
3112606-01CPWasher, KeyPT645View & Download
3005699CPWasher, KeyPT646View & Download
3017478CPWasher, KeyPT646View & Download
3113745-01CPWasher, KeyPT646View & Download
3019266CPSwivel Joint, Casing, Push-Pull, FrontPT647View & Download
3023142CPSwivel Joint, Casing, Push-Pull, FrontPT647View & Download
3075595-01CPSwivel Joint, Casing, Push-Pull, FrontPT647View & Download
3007382CPScrewPT648View & Download
3006523CPBearing, Sleeve, FlangedPT649View & Download
3008676CPBearing, Sleeve, FlangedPT649View & Download
3102336-01CPStubshaft, Compressor, FrontPT650View & Download
3102336-02CPStubshaft, Compressor, FrontPT650View & Download
3012252CPCounterweightPT651View & Download
3010117CL1CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3010117CL2CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3010117CL3CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3010117CL4CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3010117CL5CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3018008CL1CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3018008CL2CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3018008CL3CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3018008CL4CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3018008CL5CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3031660CL1CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3031660CL2CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3031660CL3CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3031660CL4CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3031660CL5CPWeight, Balance, TurbinePT652View & Download
3012456CPSeal, RingPT653View & Download
3012457CPSeal, RingPT653View & Download
3022852CPSeal, RingPT653View & Download
3022853CPSeal, RingPT653View & Download
3031060CL8CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL10CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL12CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL14CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL16CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL18CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL20CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL22CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL24CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL26CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL28CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL30CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL32CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL34CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3031060CL36CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL6CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL8CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL10CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL12CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL14CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL16CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL18CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL20CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL22CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL24CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL26CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL28CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL30CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL32CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL34CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3041933CL36CPShroud Segment, Compressor TurbineJT15D54View & Download
3029072CPWasher, Lock, High Turbine RotorJT15D56View & Download
3024293CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
ST3086-009CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
ST3086-010CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
ST3086-011CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
ST3086-012CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
ST3086-013CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
ST3086-014CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
ST3086-123CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
ST3086-126CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
ST3086-128CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
ST3086-129CPPacking, PreformedJT15D57View & Download
3039923CPGasket, 0.550, 2 HoleJT15D58View & Download
3116668-01CPGasket, 6.000 Bolt CircleJT15D58View & Download
3019741CPRivet, Tubular, CountersunkJT15D59View & Download
3031137CPPlate, Retaining, High TurbineJT15D59View & Download
ST6202-009CPPacking, PreformedPT660View & Download
ST6202-011CPPacking, PreformedPT660View & Download
3109879-01CPSeal, PlainJT15D61View & Download
3016598CPWasher, KeyPT6 & JT15D62View & Download
3024146CPWasher, KeyPT6 & JT15D62View & Download
3013826CPWasher, Key, DoubleJT15D63View & Download
3017452CPGasket, IgniterJT15D64View & Download
3003987CPPin, LockPT665View & Download
3029484CPWasher, KeyJT15D66View & Download
3115247-01CPWasher, KeyJT15D66View & Download
3039983CPParts Kit, Hot Section InspectionJT15D67View & Download
3039986CPParts Kit, Hot Section InspectionJT15D67View & Download

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