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Core Parts LLC, as a supplier of OEM and PMA parts, maintains a quality system in compliance with several regulatory and aerospace industry requirements. Those requirements include 14 CFR Part 21, Subpart K (PMA), 14 CFR Part 145 (Repair Station), AS9100 Rev D, and AC 00-56. Our quality system is continually audited, both internally and externally, to ensure compliance and help promote continual improvement.

Core Parts LLC is committed to providing our customers with quality products, whether it’s supplying OEM parts (new or overhauled) or Core Parts FAA-PMA approved articles. OEM parts are always certified and traceable to an FAA approved source. Core Parts ensures the quality of its PMA articles by supplier control throughout the supply chain, 100% inspection of key and critical characteristics, zero defect acceptance sampling plan, fixed process control of critical processes, and complete part qualification including AS9102 First Article Inspection and metallurgical testing to validate special processes. When required by the FAA, Core Parts also performs conformity inspections in accordance with FAA Order 8110.4. Core Parts has a Designated Management Inspection Representative (DMIR) on staff to ensure FAA mandated conformity is performed as required.


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