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Certain information on the Core Parts, LLC (CPL) website, including but not limited to, PMA part numbers, descriptions and photographs, website layout, names, and logos are the property of CPL and are protected by copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws of the United States.

Content on the CPL website may be viewed, printed and downloaded for personal noncommercial use, provided all copyright, trademark and proprietary notices are retained.  Material may not be captured or copied, except as required by ordinary browser operation.  Any reproduction, retransmission, distribution, rebroadcast, and framing or other use on any other website or networked computer is prohibited.

While CPL makes a reasonable effort to provide accurate information on this website, CPL makes no warranty or representation about its accuracy and assumes no duty to update the information.

Use of this website is at the risk of the user. CPL assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages to computer equipment or software resulting from accessing this website.

CPL disclaims all warranties of any kind, expressed, implied, in connection with the access of these website materials.

If this site provides links to a variety of other internet resources, CPL does not intend for such links be referrals, or endorsements of the information available on those links.  CPL will remove any link from the site upon request from the linked entity.  This site is not sponsored or associated with any particular linked entity, unless so stated, and only to such extent.

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